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Expecting Mothers

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Expecting Mothers

Expecting Mothers services offered in Sacramento and Folsom, CA

Meeting with a pediatrician before your baby’s birth helps pave the way for their good health. The experienced team at Pediatric Medical Associates, with offices in Sacramento and Folsom, California, welcomes expecting mothers to visit one to three months before their due date. When you have a pediatrician selected, it ensures continuity of care — even if your baby arrives sooner than expected. To make an appointment, call one of the offices or use the online tool to schedule.

Why would an expecting mother visit a pediatrician?

Your prenatal care with your OB/GYN focuses on your health and the health of your fetus. You know how to care for your baby while they are inside your womb, but what happens when your bundle of joy enters the world? You want a pediatrics practice that you can trust to guide you through your child’s exciting months and years of development.

Your baby’s health is your absolute priority. Knowing you’ll get excellent care, especially in their first few months, gives you peace of mind. 

It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed and even anxious at the prospect of bringing a life into the world. The years of experience offered by the experts at Pediatric Medical Associates can help you feel assured that you have the support and resources necessary to be a successful parent. 

Expecting mothers can tour Pediatric Medical Associates and meet the doctors. This gives you a level of comfort and allows you to ask questions and complete paperwork before your baby is born. 

What kind of newborn care is available?

The team at Pediatric Medical Associates offers a lot of information and support regarding newborn care. In addition to the necessary immunizations and checks of growth and development, parents gain insight into diapering, sleeping, bathing, and breastfeeding. They also cover safety topics, like car seats and baby-proofing. 

Moms also need care in the postpartum period. Your OB/GYN will offer some, but it’s smart to have more than one provider looking out for you. The team at Pediatric Medical Associates can offer advice and support regarding postpartum depression and parenting techniques. 

Can you help expecting mothers who have high-risk pregnancies?

The experienced team welcomes moms-to-be who have high-risk pregnancies. You are likely undergoing more monitoring and more frequent OB/GYN visits. 

You should also prepare for how you’ll care for your baby after delivery. Visit Pediatric Medical Associates for an early discussion of how the team can help your child’s unique medical needs.

If you’re an expecting mother, call Pediatric Medical Associates today to set up an appointment. You can also use this website to set up a visit online to one of the conveniently-located offices.