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Prescription Refills

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Prescription Refills

Prescription Refills services offered in Sacramento and Folsom, CA

If your child needs a specific medication, timely and convenient prescription refills are a must. At Pediatric Medical Associates, with offices in Sacramento and Folsom, California, the pediatric team wants to ensure you get all necessary prescriptions to heal your child and manage their health. Call today or reach out online to manage the prescription refill process. 

How does the prescription refill process work?

The best way to get a prescription refill is to have your pharmacy request it from Pediatric Medical Associates. This helps the pediatric team know they have the latest refill information and are sending it to the right pharmacy. 

What happens if I need a new prescription?

If your child needs a new prescription or has used one in the past, but the refills have expired, you’ll need to schedule an in-office or telemedicine appointment. 

Even regular prescriptions require a periodic medication review for renewal of prescriptions. These reviews may occur yearly or more frequently, depending on the case. 

How quickly can you do prescription refills?

Pediatric Medical Associates requires 48-72 hours for one of the doctors or nurse practitioners to fill your prescription requests. The extra time is necessary to review your child’s record and make a medical decision on the status of your request.

Please know that the goal is to give your child consistent care. If your provider has a day off, the practice holds the request until they can review it appropriately.

What is a medication review?

A medication review is an important step in prescription refills. It can help prevent adverse reactions to medications and ensure your child gets the pharmaceutical support they need to heal or manage their condition. 

A medication review can ensure a specific drug is doing what it should without doing undue harm. Plus, as your child ages and changes size, dosages may need to be altered. 

The pediatricians and nurse practitioners at Pediatric Medical Associates conduct a medical review with you and your child. They’ll review your child’s symptoms to determine whether the medication works. You’ll also report any symptoms or concerns regarding the medication. 

A medication review may include blood testing or other screenings to assess a drug’s effectiveness. 

If your child is on more than one medication, your pediatrician can also ensure there are no interactions between the drugs that could cause negative side effects or render a medication less effective.

Call one of the Pediatric Medical Associates offices if you have any questions or need a medication review. You can also reach out online to request an in-person or telemedicine visit.