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SDOH services offered in Sacramento and Folsom, CA

Your child’s wellness depends on numerous factors. The experienced team at Pediatric Medical Associates, with offices in Sacramento and Folsom, California, can help assess and optimize these social determinants of health (SDOH). SDOH includes factors like school, home, and extracurricular life. Call today or use the online tool to schedule an appointment to have your child’s SDOH assessed and potentially improved to enhance their well-being.

Why do SDOHs matter?

Social determinants of health (SDOH) define how a person (in this case, a child) grows, works, lives, and ages. They include the set of forces and systems that shape the conditions of daily life. SDOHs include home life, social relationships, school, nutrition, and community experiences.

SDOHs may affect if, when, and how a child receives care. For example, without health insurance, a child may miss important primary care visits and fall behind on vaccines and screenings. 

What SDOHs affect children’s health?

Factors that affect a child’s well-being, access to health care, and physical and mental well-being include:

  • Economic instability
  • Challenging education environment
  • Poor diet and limited access to nutrition
  • Pollute air or water
  • Homelessness or poor housing
  • Language barriers or literacy challenges
  • Discrimination and racism
  • Caregiver with a substance use problem or mental health concerns
  • Abuse or neglect
  • Violence in the home or community

These adverse childhood experiences significantly impact a child’s quality of life. 

How do you help improve SDOH?

Improving SDOH is a community effort, and Pediatric Medical Associates is a leader. The practice has a Community Health Advocate (CHA) who helps parents and families access necessary resources, especially in challenging times. 

The CHA can help with:

  • Employment or financial assistance
  • Transportation
  • Food or nutrition access
  • Substance use disorders
  • Child care
  • Basic needs, like clothing, car seats, and diapers
  • School enrollment

The team at Pediatric Medical Associates wants to ensure that you receive the help you need to achieve optimal health and wellness for your family. 

What should I do to improve my child’s SDOH?

If you’re concerned about any aspects of your child’s environment or their access to basic needs, call the front desk or ask your provider at the next appointment to be connected with the CHA. 

You can schedule an in-person or virtual consultation to learn about the services provided. The practice is dedicated to helping patients get connected with community resources. These SDOH resources are free of charge, regardless of your insurance situation.

Contact Pediatric Medical Associates to learn more about their SDOH assistance. Call the office today or schedule an appointment online.