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All children in the U.S. should receive a series of vaccines in order to prevent the spread of dangerous — though often no-longer prevalent — diseases. Immunizations aid the immune system to recognize and attack diseases before they can cause problems. Some immunizations are given in a single injection while others require several injections over a period of time. Schedule your child’s immunizations according to the immunization charts in the frame (you may need to click on show all content in browser.)

Be sure to keep immunization records, since children often need to present them at school.

A great web site that deals with vaccine issues is They provide a wonderful wealth of information.

click and find the always current reccomendations for the vaccines your child needs directly from the Center for Disease Control.

If you have modified or partially vaccinated your child, and they are younger than 6 , here is a link to look at what your catch up schedule looks like here on out!