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Newborn Care

Newborn Care services offered in Sacramento and Folsom, CA

Babies grow so fast that it’s easy to lose track of their progress. During this joyous time, it’s crucial to have a pediatrician check on your baby’s development from the first week to monitor your child’s health. At Pediatric Medical Associates in Folsom and Sacramento, California, you’ll find a team of board-certified pediatricians ready to provide comprehensive mother and child services. Whether you’re a first-time parent or not, call now or schedule an appointment online. The team will help you keep your child healthy and happy.

Why is newborn care important?

From the time your baby is born, they begin to grow at the rate of about one inch every week and gain five to seven pounds weekly. During this magical time, they’re also developing rapidly, building immunity, and changing in a thousand different ways. A pediatrician with experience in caring for very young babies is crucial at this stage to help prevent any problems that can occur at this stage.

After the first visit, within a few days after birth, you should take your baby to a pediatrician every month until they’re four months old. From there, the regular wellness checks occur every three months until your baby is two years old, then every six months until the age of three.

What happens during newborn care visits?

During these visits, the specialist pediatricians at Pediatric Medical Associates will conduct various checks and tests for:

  • Height and weight
  • Head circumference
  • Metabolic function
  • Jaundice
  • Tuberculosis
  • Hemoglobin 

They’ll also conduct a thorough physical check based on guidelines issued by the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP). All these checks help them to spot and correct any issues early. The team also has extensive experience caring for fragile babies, such as late preterm newborns.

It’s crucial that your baby gets vaccinated as recommended by the AAP to help protect them against dangerous diseases. 

With years of pediatric expertise and experience, every team member says that vaccination is the best preventive action a parent can take to protect their child against diseases such as polio, TB, hepatitis, chickenpox, and pneumococcal.

How much support can I depend on?

Having a baby is an incredibly happy and magical time. However, caring for a newborn can be hectic, and the team at Pediatric Medical Associates is here to help you. Whether you’re a new parent or not, they’re ready to educate you, support you, and help keep your baby in perfect health as they develop. The team even keeps track of your baby’s behavioral development to ensure all-rounded development. 

If your baby requires immediate care, such as when they have a fever or have weak cries, Pediatric Medical Associates has pediatricians on-call around the clock, seven days a week, all year long, including holidays. Call now or schedule an appointment online and get your baby the best neonatal care.